Due to a lack of proper localization, a common problem for Ushio and Tora fans is determining the correct spelling of names found in the series. Multiple scanlation groups, fansubbers, and even professional anime companies often translate these names based on assumption or other reference material.

For the purposes of this wiki, the articles use a naming convention that takes into account any official romanization by Kazuhiro Fujita and the spellings will use short vowels for names that have macrons (Tokyo, Tono, Hyo, Kyora, etc.).

If the manga is ever officially localized in America, the names on this wiki may change to reflect its spellings.

The list below contains various alternatives of names commonly found in translations and other sources.

Ishikui[edit source]

  • Rock Eater: Crunchyroll subtitles
  • Stone Eater: Youkai Scanlations (Fansubs)

Hyo[edit source]

  • Hyō: Romanization with macron
  • Hyou: Crunchyroll subtitles, Youkai Scanlations (Fansubs), Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Hanyu (Reiko Hanyu/Michio Hanyu)[edit source]

  • Hanyū: Romanization with macron
  • Hanyuu: Crunchyroll subtitles, Youkai Scanlations (Fansubs)

Yu Hiyama[edit source]

  • Yū Hiyama: Romanization with macron
  • Yuu Hiyama: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Kohamei Sect[edit source]

  • Kōhamei Sect: Romanization with macron
  • Kouhamei Sect: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Horiki[edit source]

  • Hōriki: Romanization with macron
  • Houriki: Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Juro[edit source]

  • Jūrō: Romanization with macrons
  • Juurou: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Tono[edit source]

  • Tōno: Romanization with macron
  • Toono: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Hiyo[edit source]

  • Hiyō: Romanization with macron
  • Hiyou: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Giryo[edit source]

  • Giryō: Romanization with macron
  • Giryou: Crunchyroll subtitles, Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Minoh[edit source]

  • Minō: Romanization with macron
  • Minoo: Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Shagakusha[edit source]

  • Shagaksha: Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Rama[edit source]

  • Rāma: Romanization with macron
  • Raama: Crunchyroll subtitles
  • Rahma: Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Hai Fong[edit source]

  • Hyphong: Youkai Scanlations (Fansubs)
  • Hyphon: Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Lei Xia[edit source]

  • Reisha: Youkai Scanlations (Fansubs), Ardneh Scans (Fansubs)

Minxia[edit source]

  • Min Shia: One-Woman Show (Fansubs)

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